# Downloading Datasets

Downloading full datasets off data.everef.net (opens new window) is allowed. The current host does not charge for bandwidth, so knock yourself out.

However, use the last-modified, etag, and content-length headers where possible to avoid downloading the same data multiple times.

# Download with rclone

The preferred method to download the data is with rclone (opens new window) as it supports multiple concurrent downloads.

As an example, to sync all market orders from 2023 using concurrent downloads, you can use the following command:

rclone sync -v --checkers 2 --transfers 2 --http-url https://data.everef.net :http:/market-orders/history/2023 pathtosync

# Download with rclone on Docker

To sync data with rclone on Docker instead, use the following command:

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/data -w /data rclone/rclone sync -v --checkers 2 --transfers 2 --http-url https://data.everef.net :http:/market-orders/history/2023 pathtosync

# Mount with rclone

rclone supports mounting (opens new window) straight onto the file system:

rclone mount --attr-timeout 1m --dir-cache-time 1m --vfs-cache-mode full --transfers 4 --http-url https://data.everef.net :http:/ pathtomount

# Download with wget

As an alternative to rclone, you can use wget (opens new window). The only real problem with wget is that it does not support multiple concurrent downloads.

For instance, to download the market orders for a particular year, you can use the following command:

wget -r -np -N -nv --domains=data.everef.net -R index.html https://data.everef.net/market-orders/history/2023/
  • -r enables recursive retrieval, where wget will examine the HTML and resolve relative links.
  • -np prevents ascending to the parent directory when retrieving recursively.
  • -N enforce timestamp checking to prevent redownloading files that haven't changed.
  • -nv prevents printing of the download progress.
  • --domains=data.everef.net restricts the download to the data.everef.net domain.
  • -R index.html prevents downloading of the index.html files.

# Download with wget on Docker

If you don't have wget installed, you can use the mwendler/wget (opens new window) Docker image. This image hasn't been updated in a while, but it still works.

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/data -w /data mwendler/wget -r -np -N -nv --domains=data.everef.net -R index.html --no-check-certificate https://data.everef.net/market-orders/history/2023/