# Structures

data.everef.net/structures/ (opens new window) contains scrapes of the structures ESI endpoints.

These are:

  • /universe/structures/
  • /universe/structures/{structure_id}/

Queries are also made to /markets/structures/{structure_id}/ to determine if there's a market present at the structure.

The v2 scrape files are single JSON files containing an object with the structure IDs as keys. The object values themselves are verbatim from the structure endpoint, with the following additional fields:

  • structure_id
  • constellation_id
  • region_id
  • is_gettable_structure - true if the latest scrape was able to get the structure details
  • last_structure_get - when structure details were last updated
  • is_public_structure - true if the latest scrape saw it on the public structure ESI endpoint
  • last_seen_public_structure - when the structure was last seen as public
  • is_market_structure - true if the latest scrape saw it on the structure market ESI endpoint
  • last_seen_market_structure - when the structure was last seen with a market
  • first_seen - when the structure was first seen

The latest file (opens new window) is intended to be a list of all current structures. Whenever the scrape runs, any structure which hasn't been seen on any of the endpoints for 30 days will be removed. To get structures older than this, please refer to older files.

# Notes

# Backfills

Several backfills were provided by Sir SmashAlot (opens new window) and Ethan02 (opens new window) of Adam4Eve (opens new window). Thank you. These have been fully incorporated into the first proper scrape here: structures-2024-03-31_04-34-43.v2.json.bz2 (opens new window). Details are available on this Github issue (opens new window).

The v1 structure scrapes only included the /universe/structures/ endpoint. All the IDs from the v1 files have been incorporated into the file above.

Many of the backfilled structures are no longer available to be queried and therefore do not have accurate timestamps. To show that they were once queryable, placeholder timestamps of 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z were used.

Ethan02 later extended their structure export to include more data, such as first_seen. This was first incorporate into this file: structures-2024-05-06_05-03-39.v2.json.bz2 (opens new window).

# Sovereignty structures

Some of the early v2 scrape files contain sovereignty structures, including the following fields:

  • is_sovereignty_structure - true if the latest scrape saw it on the sovereignty ESI endpoint
  • last_seen_sovereignty_structure - when the structure was last seen as sovereignty

These structures were fetched from the /sovereignty/structures/ ESI endpoint. However, these structures are not queryable at all on the ESI /universe/structures/{structure_id}/ endpoint, so they were removed from the scrape. A separate scrape of current sovereignty structures is already maintained.

# Scripting

To get all market structures:

curl -s https://data.everef.net/structures/structures-latest.v2.json | jq '.[] | select(.is_market_structure)'

# Version 1

The version 1 files are simply a lists of public structure IDs from the /universe/structures/ ESI endpoint.

# Other sources